The answer for pumping wells with extreme damaging solids

    The Cyclone E-vac System represents a true advancement in downhole pump technology. Sand, grit, iron sulfide, and other fines which normally contaminate the produced oil and water can now quickly pass through the pump assembly. No longer are residual concentrations of these particulates allowed to collect between the barrel and plunger.

    Clearance between conventional pump plungers and barrels permit some fluid bypass, or slippage, between these surfaces. Within this void space, sand, formation fines, and other particulates can accumulate. During the normal up-and-down motions of the plunger, these accumulations cause rapid wear, usually in the form of vertical scoring, to both the plunger and barrel surfaces. Moreover, frictional forces generated by these accumulations cause excessive stress to be generated throughout the pump and rodstring which often result in a stuck pump, automatic shut-down of the pumping unit, or a parted rod string.

    Repairs necessitated by the above forms of damage, plus revenues lost during resulting downtime, cost the oil and gas industry tens of millions of dollars each year. By incorporating the Cyclone E-Vac System within the pump assembly, stuck plungers and premature wear of barrel and plunger surfaces can be eliminated. Costly well servicing and pump replacements can be reduced to a minimum.

    How is this possible? During the downstroke the Cyclone Seat Plug forces any entrained particulates collected within the space between barrel and plunger inward through the axial evacuation ports and into the center of the plunger. Here, they commingle with other fluids entering the pump and are displaced into the tubing. Throughout the upstroke particulates are also collected within the E-Vac Radial Chamber, where, during the downstroke, they are flushed upward and enter the tubing through the Cyclone Top Adapter.

    Simultaneously with the above, the radial ported vane technology, incorporated within the Cyclone E-Vac Radial Chamber, causes the fluid and particulates to constantly rotate. This rotation permits the pump barrel and plunger to wear more evenly, resulting in longer pump life and a more cost-efficient pump assembly. While the pump is not operational, settling solids are redirected into the internal area of the plunger, reducing the possibility of stuck plungers and excessive barrel wear. This is done using the Radial Evacuation Ported Vane technology featured on the Cyclone E-Vac.

    For best results, the complete Cyclone E-Vac System is recommended.

    Eagle Cyclone EVAC

    * Eagle’s Cyclone Adapter is NOT a barrel plunger.
    The Cyclone Adapter is a solid remediation tool, only to be used in conjunction with:


    Failure to do so may cause premature failure of pump or unsatisfactory results.

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  • Reduces barrel wear
  • Reduces plunger wear
  • Creates uniform wear of plunger
  • Creates uniform wear of barrel
  • Reduces down time
  • Extends pump runs
  • Increases pump efficiency
  • Reduces cost of operation
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