• Cyclone

    The Cyclone EVAC System

    The Cyclone Adapter system represents a true advancement in down-hole pump technology. Sand, grit, iron sulfide, and other fines which normally contaminate the produced oil and water can now quickly pass through the pump assembly. No longer are residual concentrations of these particulates allowed to collect between barrel and plunger.


    • Cyclone Assembly -Ported Section – Length
      • 1.25 (5.0″LG)
      • 1.50 (5.0″LG)
      • 1.75 (5.0″LG)
      • 2.00 (5.0″LG)
    • Top Plunger Adapter
      • 1.25 (5.5″LG)
      • 1.50 (5.5″LG)
      • 1.75 (5.75″LG)
      • 2.00 (5.75″LG)
      • Material 17-4 Stainless Steel
    • High Flow Traveling Cage (Female) – Length
      • 1.25 (3.75″LG)
      • 1.50 (4.00″LG)
      • 1.75 (4.50″LG)
      • 2.00 (5.00″LG)
      • Material 316 Stainless Steel


    Cyclone System
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