• EasyGlide Coupling

    EasyGlide Coupling

    The EasyGlide Roller Coupling is the solution for coupling, rod and tubing wear in conventional, deviated, and horizontal well completions. The EasyGlide offers twice the tensile strength of a standard API coupling and a 14% greater flow capacity.

    The reduction of wear decreases rod failure and tubing leaks, which further decreases pulling costs and lost production. The support of the wheels also reduces rod stretch, decreasing energy consumption and increasing pump efficiency.

    Unlike wheeled guides, the EasyGlide can be effortlessly utilized throughout the rod string assembly to extend the complete rod and tubing assembly without changing the rod tally.

    The EasyGlide can be installed like a standard API coupling, with hydraulic power tongs, to eliminate costly hand tightening and ensure torque consistency.

    EasyGlide Coupling

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