• Solution Valve

    Solution Valve

    With the Solution Valve (SV) designed and manufactured by Eagle Innovations, Inc., you can reduce gas interference and positively eliminate gas-locking of your down-hole rod pump. No longer will you have to tag bottom in an attempt to free gas-locked valves. Expensive equipment damage and premature pump failures are eliminated! This valve is not just another ball-knocker; it represents an exclusive new design in travel valve technology.


    • Cyclone Top Plunger Adapter – Length
      • 1.25 (5.5″LG)
      • 1.50 (5.5″LG)
      • 1.75 (5.75″LG)
      • 2.00 (5.75″LG)
      • Material 17-4 Stainless Steel
    • High Flow Traveling Cage (Male) – Length
      • 1.25 (3.75″LG)
      • 1.50 (4.00″LG)
      • 1.75 (4.50″LG)
      • 2.00 (5.00″LG)
      • Material 316 Stainless steel
    • The Solution Valve – Length
      • 1.25 (13.00″LG)
      • 1.50 (13.50″LG)
      • 1.75 (13.75″LG)
      • 2.00 (14.00″LG)
      • Material 316 Stainless steel
    Solution Valve System


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