• High Flow Standing Valve

    HighFlow Standing Valve

    The HighFlow Traveling and Standing Valves allow up to 40% more flow than API valves. This is made possible through two categories of technology: the one-piece insert cage and the Cyclone flow pattern.

    The ball containment of the one-piece insert cage enables the ball to gently place itself into a cradle and allows fluid to pass around the ball next to the cage wall. This eliminates erratic ball action within the cage, preventing the need for expensive hard-lined cages, and permits greater flow.

    The Cyclone Technology creates a low pressure zone in the center of the cage and allows the high pressure fluid to move around the ball. It forces solids within the fluid away from the seat area, causing the ball to seat with less debris interference and providing the ball and seat with a longer run life. The ball falls quickly and directly back onto the seat, which prevents slow valve closure and increases the pump’s effectiveness, particularly in heavy crude applications.

    The HighFlow Valve also works in heavy solids fluid as it prevents the ball and containment from sticking in the cage. The cage of the HighFlow Valve is designed with a near-zero space between the ball and the traveling valve compressive area, which prevents gas locking in gassy conditions.

    The HighFlow Traveling and Standing Valves create a more efficient, longer lasting pump in virtually all conditions.

    HighFlow Standing Valve

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