• True Test Tool MR-300

    True Test Tool MR-300

    Catch your corrosion problem BEFORE failure or damage occurs!

    Why should I be conducting routine corrosion analysis?

    Routine corrosion analysis will catch problems early. Coupon tests are low in cost, simple to conduct, and allow the simultaneous evaluation of numerous materials and variations of a single material. Coupon tests are easily adapted to evaluate specific types of corrosion.

    How often do I need to test?

    In many cases, it will be worthwhile to evaluate the effects of corrosion thru timed exposure. This can be done by means of a controlled interval test which will establish a base rate. Testing intervals establish base corrosion rates and severity of well conditions. Recommended testing periods range from 1-30 days depending upon the severity of well conditions. For your specific testing needs contact a corrosion engineer or an Eagle Representative via our Contact Us page.

    What will the True Test MR-300 tell me that my deteriorated equipment won’t?

    Coupon testing remains a powerful tool in the corrosion engineers tool kit. Use of the True Test MR-300 provides quantitative data through weight loss measurement which can be used to develop sound chemical treatment programs.

    What makes the True Test MR-300 the best tool for my corrosion monitoring needs?

    Previously, corrosion monitoring was routinely accomplished by placing weight loss coupons in the system on or near the well head. The information compiled from this location is not representative of subsurface corrosion conditions effecting downhole tubulars and pumps. Now, with the True Test Tool MR-300, corrosion rates downhole can be established during routine testing of your well, thus enhancing the results of your corrosion treatment programs.

    Use of the True Test Tool MR-300 will help improve your corrosion monitoring and increase profits by:

    • Identifying the severity of corrosion on problem wells
    • Reducing frequent pulling cost caused by corrosion
    • Identifying current corrosion versus previous corrosion
    • Maximizing chemical effectiveness
    • Optimizing downhole equipment replacement cost
    • Substantially increasing service life


    Standard models are recommended to be used in:

    • Gas Wells
    • Injection Wells
    • E.S.P Wells

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