• SandCheck Valve Rod Guide

    Eagle’s SandCheck Valve Rod Guide has been designed to help the operator increase run time as it eliminates cut out valve guides and rod cut tubing. The SandCheck addresses key problems related to valve rod loading in high concentrations of frac sands or in high solids fluid. The SandCheck is designed to wipe away excess solids from the valve rod/hvr by not allowing them to move in between the rod and the guide. This is accomplished by three internal 360˚radial spiral grooves that wipe the rod clean of solids with the upstroke.

    If smaller particles do pass into the guide area, they are quickly wiped free from the rod and forced in the radial groove channels. That action routes the solids out the exit passage at the top of the guide neck. In an extreme high solids environment, the operator may opt to order the SandCheck with a carbide sleeve in the top portion of the guide neck. This would provide additional strength and protection in that area exposed to the worst wear.

    The patented Cyclone Floating Sleeve feature reduces wear and eliminates the possibility of bridging solids between the guide and the rod. It reduces rod loading caused by solids interfering and cuts down on rod cut tubing. The radial flutes allow the fluid to pass through the guide with an energy induced cyclone, effectively keeping intrained solids in an orbital state.

    The cyclone radial spin forces solids higher up in the tubing and prevents them from falling back and collecting on the top of the pump near the guide. This cyclonic motion also prevents the solids from being pulled back into the barrel. When the well is shut down, the SandCheck is designed with an offset at the top of the radial flute and a Cyclone Radial Floating Sleeve which will prevent solids from flowing back into the pump barrel. The offset directs the solids away from the flute and, with it’s outward taper design, drives the solids further away from the inlet.

    Eagle SandCheck

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