• E-Carbon Coating

    E-Carbon Coating

    A Solution to Wear and Corrosion. The future is today!

    Technological advancements have now made possible the next-generation of downhole pumps for the oil industry. E-Carbon surface coating is a thin, dense composite of proprietary materials. Application of E-Carbon Coating onto standard pump components has resulted in unprecedented increases in operational life.

    E-Carbon coating, with a hardness of 92+ Rc, offers today’s oil tooling design engineers and manufacturers the opportunity to achieve maximum performance levels with downhole pump equipment. E-Carbon does not fracture or separate from base metals currently being used by the petroleum industry. Bending impact and normal operational flexing will not cause the E-Carbon Coating to chip or peel. E-Carbon operates successfully at temperatures up to 1400 F (775 C) with no adverse effects on either the coating or base metal integrity.

    Unlike with other metals, opposing or mating surfaces coated with E-Carbon have a greatly reduced coefficient of friction. Pump components (i.e., barrels, plungers, balls and seats) which are subject to sliding and moving contact can be coated with E-Carbon and are much easier to assemble and disassemble. Galling and fretting corrosion are essentially eliminated.

    The E-Carbon coating is uniformly distributed over all surface areas. Deposit thickness tolerances are closely maintained and range between 0.001″ and 0.002″.

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