• Sure Flow System

    Sure Flow System

    The Sure Flow System was designed to assist the traveling valve in gassy and dirty conditions. When a ball is stuck or prohibited from unseating, this patented feature will allow the ball to be unseated by a stem cradle. This stem will hydraulically force the ball off the seat. The cradle maintains control without impinging the ball with the cradle stem. This cycle is completed by the cradle maintaining fluid in the cavity below the ball and seat. The cycle is repeated when the stem is actuated by a full open bore drag plunger attached to the bottom assembly of the stem mechanism. The stem mechanism is designed with patented radial ports to allow heavy or high solids fluids to pass thru the valve eliminating concerns of sticking or premature wear. The radial design self-cleans the stem mechanism of debris with no interruption in the stem action. The Sure-Flow Valve’s Radial Stem design facilitates greater fluid flow thru the valve by a positive open on each stroke.


    • Cyclone Top Plunger Adapter – Length
      • 1.25 (5.5″LG)
      • 1.50 (5.5″LG)
      • 1.75 (5.75″LG)
      • 2.00 (5.75″LG)
      • Material 316 Stainless Steel
    • High Flow Traveling Cage (Male) – Length
      • 1.25 (3.75″LG)
      • 1.50 (4.00″LG)
      • 1.75 (4.50″LG)
      • 2.00 (5.00″LG)
      • Material 316 Stainless steel
    • The Sure Flow Valve – Length
      • 1.25 (7″LG)
      • 1.50 (7″LG)
      • 1.75 (7″LG)
      • 2.00 (7.125″LG)
      • Material 316 Stainless Steel
    SureFlow Valve


  • Top Check / Sand Check
  • Cyclone Top Plunger Adapter (TPA)
  • Dual 92 Plunger (optional)
  • High Flow Traveling Cage
  • Sure Flow Valve
  • High Flow Standing Cage


  • Increased pump efficiency
  • Increased ball life
  • Increased seat life
  • Increased cage life
  • Increased production
  • Decreased gas lock
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