• Solution Valve

    The Solution Valve is a complete traveling valve that increases pump efficiency in high gas, high solids, and heavy crude conditions. It is a proven solution to gas interference, gas lock and ball fouling. It pumps effectively in deviated and horizontal wells.

    The Solution Valve pumps gas, oil and water on every stroke. It cannot gas lock because the drag plunger manually opens and closes the valve. On the upstroke, the Solution Valve pulls itself closed by the energy created by movement of the drag plunger. The pump chamber is completely recharged with new fluids entering from the bottom of the hole. On the downstroke, the resistance immediately opens the Solution Valve, allowing 100% of the fluid in the pump to flow through it, whether gas or liquid.

    Eliminating gas lock eliminates the need to tag bottom to free gas-locked valves, which prevents expensive equipment damage and premature pump failure. Due to its ability to pump gas, the Solution Valve can also be utilized below a packer and above the perforations if necessary.

    The Solution Valve reduces ball fouling in high solids fluids. The movement of the drag plunger stops the ball from fouling within the cage and the control of the seal stem centers the ball on the seat without debris interference.

    In heavy crude, the Solution Valve increases production between 15% and 60% compared to pumps with conventional traveling valves. It’s greater cross-sectional area allows more fluid to flow through and the minimized pressure drop allows all of the valves to open more quickly and smoothly.

    The seal stem eliminates ball fouling and stabilizes production while pumping horizontally or deviated. The seal stem holds the ball in a fixed position and the ball and seat remain centered within the Solution Valve. This eliminates impacting and pounding of balls and cages and prevents uneven wear on the valves caused by non-vertical orientations.

    In addition, the ball and seat are reversible, which doubles operational life with no added cost.

    Patented in USA & Canada, world wide patent pending.

    Eagle Solution Valve

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